The Universe In 3D: A Whole Dimension [Blu-ray] from Lionsgate

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THE UNIVERSET IN 3D: An ENTIRE NEW DIMENSION, takes a psychedelic look at Planet and the universe that populates. SYSTEM CRASH TOUCHDOWN ON MARS discovers just how activities might participate in out if humans were stranded on the red world. Could astronauts make it through dust storms and space radiation or discover vital sources like water? WORST TIMES ON WORLD THE PLANET clearly imagines just how our relatively congenial world has been molded by means of utter chaos and devastation. Encounter in dramatic 3D just how large volcanoes scorched the Earth and dark skies, and just how planets the dimension of Everest slammed into the sea. In THE LORD As Well As THE UNIVERSE, scientists and theologians cover whether the relatively marvelous creation of an universe calibrated to support life shows the presence of a producer, or are actually described by the laws of natural sciences. Including cutting-edge CGI and spectacular NASA video footage, this spectacular set from HISTORYr definitely takes you where no individual has preceded.

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